Heya, I'm Elizabeth


I'm a medical student and painter in London.

🎥 I make videos on YouTube.

💌 I write about life and share my favourite things from the internet every week in my newsletter.

🎙 I paint and talk on my podcast

📚 I share notes and thoughts from the books I read on this website, and straight to your inbox as I read them too.

I love to think and talk about life, creativity, medicine, books and meaning. And how to find the time to do those things.

Any images and drawings on the site are made by me. 

Hope anything on here is useful! 


I'd love to hear from you. 

Between my comments, DMs and emails I get hundreds and hundreds of contacts a day, and as a one-man-team, I really can't respond to everyone.

But if you think we should talk, or if you have anything you'd like to let me know/suggest, please do email me! I'll try my very best to get back to you: