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The Knowledge Management System for Creators


Learn how to approach, capture and manage all the information you consume to transform it into your own personalised organisational system. 

No folders, no tags, no libraries, no archives. 

Creation shouldn't be hard, let's make it inevitable. 

Join the first cohort!

🧝‍♀️ What is MUSE?


 I started notetaking when I started reading, about 20 years ago. I've heard, read, seen, underlined, highlighted and written down so may bits of information I've loved throughout the years - and I've definitely lost most of it now. 

Although I've tried countless note-taking methods and never shied away from the work of creating an elaborate system, nothing seemed to particularly work well for me. I never truly managed to eliminate the problem of starting work from a blank page, having to sift and search for information I'd saved, not knowing where to save notes and drowning in tags or folders that became old, irrelevant and over-populated

When I found out about Zettlekasten, something really clicked. I iterated on it to create what has now become my MUSE - the system I currently use for knowledge management and content creation in Notion. It's my favourite piece of work, my personal endless source of information, thoughts, opinions and connections, an absolute endless source of creativity which has transformed my life. 

Before the MUSE I had never created a single piece of content. With it, within one year I've grown a YouTube channel from 0 to 125,000 subscribers, started two newsletters and a podcast, all while managing either full time work as a strategy consultant or a medical student (or sometimes both simultaneously). 

My life has genuinely changed because of content creation, and I don't think I would've had the inspiration to start and the confidence that I'd always be able to continue creating without the MUSE. 

👀 Who is this course for?


 Zettlekasten isn't my own creation and neither is Notion. Nothing in this course is a magic bullet, a secret, or unique. Actually, most of it is already available for free on my YouTube channel

This course is for those other geeks out there who want to learn, work, systemise, transform, create and scale with others. The purpose is to really guiltlessly and shamelessly deep-dive into the specifics of note-taking, knowledge management and creation. To work alongside others in understanding how our own minds work and how we can leverage that to approach the world and information differently, with the aim of enjoying life more and creating more

The course is for people who feel like they might think and see the world a little like me. Maybe what I did can help you too. And I really want to have the space and time to try and help you as well as I can. 

My dream is to create a lifelong community where we can jump on zoom calls together every week or so to update our notes. Where we can have an online platform where we share notes, quotes, studies, ways of thinking that we find interesting and others might too. Where we can always find and share the best podcasts and video clips and book notes with each other. Where geeks and nerds can just thrive in what makes us the happiest and more than that: where it becomes impossible to NOT create something every day

I genuinely think creation is one of the highest forms of joy out there, and I want it to be absolutely inevitable for everyone. Especially if you're already a nerd. 

By the end of the 3 weeks you will have...


🧝‍♀️ Built your own MUSE


 You'll have your very own system to capture and connect knowledge, empowering you to transform random information into something that is creative and personally valuable.

🦋 Supercharged your creative journey


 You'll have produced at least one piece of creative content: be that a newsletter, blog post, video, argument for your book or PHD that came from your MUSE. 

👀 Changed the way you approach information


 You'll have practically streamlined your capture processes, and optimised your approach to consuming information of all forms.

💀 Who is this course NOT for?


 Sorry, this really isn't for everybody. It's most likely not for you if:

❌ If you don't consider yourself at least a bit of a geek.
❌ If you don't like organising information and knowledge. 
❌ You don't have the time to follow along with the lessons and work on creating your system.
❌ If you don't like systems and Notion (you don't need to know anything just now though, I'll explain everything we'll need to know on Notion during the course, it's very easy to grasp!) 
❌ If you don't like Zettlekasten (I have my "own" version of Zettlekasten that I use so it's not 100% the original, but it's very heavily based on it - if you hate Zettlekasten this really isn't going to work). 

Course Content

Each lesson is delivered during a 2 hour live Zoom call. All sessions will be recorded and available to watch later! 
The three week course structure:

🔭 Capture

 Week 1 

LESSON 1: Understanding Creativity - an Introduction to the MUSE

  • Analysing Creativity

  • The Formula for Creation

  • How to approach content

  • What is the MUSE and why it works

LESSON 2: Principles of Capture 

  • The 5 Principles of Capture 

  • Tools of Capture 

  • Creating the perfect Note

🔗 Connect

Week 2

LESSON 3: Building the MUSE

  • Zettlekasten 2.0

  • Restructuring our minds 

  • The 3 types of Notes: Connected, Contradictory, Crazy

  • The numbering system

  • Processing and updating the system

 LESSON 4: Making Connections

  • How to connect ideas 

  • Workshop on our MUSEs

🪄 Create

Week 3


LESSON 5: Realising Connections into Creation 

  • The theory of creativity

  • How to engineer creativity

  • Making creativity inevitable

  • Everything is a Listicle


LESSON 6: Maintenance and Optimisation

  • Growing and updating the MUSE

  • Processing your future Notes 

When are we doing this?


There's no hard dates in place yet, but the course will run from mid-late January into early February 2022!

Enrol Now:

This is a validation cohort. This means that I've never delivered this course before and am not sure it even works well. 

You'll get to have a very hands-on experience, but will be running the experiment with me! If the course does end up working, we're expecting to triple or quadruple the price next time around. 


We're Sold Out!

We're (very excitingly!!) sold out of Cohort 1 spaces. 

If you want to be the first in line for Cohort 2, I'll be sending out early bird discounts if you sign up to the mailing list here. Maybe I'll see you soon :) 

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🤝 Money-Back Promise

This is a validation cohort, I've never run this course before - so I'm not even 100% sure it will work for anyone else! 

This has to be worth it for you. If you try out the system, we finish the course and you find it didn't work, I'll more than gladly give you all your money back, no questions asked. 

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