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#12 The Scarcity Mindset

It sometimes takes just one small mindset change to shift my world view. This is one of them.

It started with my Kindle. I’ve wanted one for years. I’ve added and deleted it from my Amazon cart tens of times. Adding the bundle with the cover and charger always got to a £120+ price tag I could never justify to myself (if you’re a student, you might understand). It felt as though I could always just keep reading on my phone or computer. It was too much.

This made perfect sense a few years or months ago, but it certainly didn’t make sense now. I bought the Kindle a few weeks ago, and the discomfort with making this purchase prompted me to think just how many ways I was looking at, and living my life, with a scarcity mindset.

In so many ways I live and act as though I don’t have enough. I don’t have enough success. I don’t have enough time. I don’t have enough power. I don’t have enough weekends. I don’t have enough knowledge. I don’t have enough things. And as though I don’t have enough money.

Before I even brush my teeth every morning, I’m already - unconsciously but very clearly - planning of ways to escape this place of lacking, being left behind, trying to compensate for what I didn’t do the previous day.

I wonder then how much harder (or impossible) I’m making it for myself to ever feel satisfied, at peace, in the moment when I’m constantly scrambling to get out of this place of scarcity.

Nothing has practically changed since, but I’m now trying to be a bit more aware of the times I behave as though I don’t have enough. As though I need more. Because even though I do keep on going, it doesn’t mean I need to panic the whole time. What if what I did do yesterday (which can’t be changed) was enough. What if what I already know is still helpful and fun? What if, to feel OK, I need nothing more.

I feel like when you come from a place of lacking, it’s so easy to always feel stuck there, approach your life pre-programmed to be scared that you’ll lose it all while you scramble for more. And that feels just as fun as it sounds. When in reality, I really do have more than enough of everything.

Wishing you a truly wonderful week,



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