Sometimes I wonder if I'm just too keen on being critical about myself or if I really do have a binge-over-eating problem. However it may be, this did help.

The thing that makes us feel full, which prompts us to stop eating are the stretch, protein and fat receptors in our stomach and duodenum, which are triggered by the presence of food. The fat receptors are especially good at signalling the hypothalamus to induce satiety.

But before you start wondering why you aren't full after a slice of your favourite pepperoni-extra-cheese pizza, there is also another factor in play.

Namely our mouths, which also have receptors triggered by fat, but these receptors induce an acceleration in the rate of intake of our food, before the gut shuts it down.

So the tastier the food, the faster you eat.

Which is something I can relate to, thinking back on all the time I wolfed down ice cream before the credits even started at the movie theatre as oppose to being able to pick at my topping-less leaf salad for eternity.

So being aware of these conflicting signals of our mouth and gut, we can try to intentionally slow ourselves down next time we have something especially tasty in front of us. As for that salad, I'd really suggest a vinaigrette.