I think I'm a health nut. I'm the person who always tries to eat organic, to measure my micronutrient uptake, and who actively burns calories by reading about health and nutrition.

And yet. There are those times when all I want is a cookie. And believe me, they happen more often than I'd like to admit. All the health-gurus speak of craving broccoli after 2 weeks of eating "clean", but that's really never happened to me. And yet, trying to be as healthy as I can, I just can't stop thinking of the refined sugar, the margarine, the high-glycemic-index flour in the cookie. 9 times out of 10, I'll still go to the store (There are no cookies in the house because well, I eat them all every time).

So imagine my joy, when I found out a way to minimise the negative effects of eating high GI foods!

"When you do consume a cookie, block the insulin level rising by combining it with vegetables, fruit or good fats: olive oil or organic butter."

In this way, you won't get the sugar-rush or fast fat conversion that comes with eating these foods! Of course, it won't protect you against the effects of margarine (please avoid that at any cost) but it is a whole lot better! So, home-made cookies, even with their white sugar will not be that bad if eating alongside something else. You can use this to satisfy your cravings for all types of food!