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👯‍♂️ Why I have a Second Brain

Although I've done a variation of this throughout my life, only recently have I gone all-in in creating a Second Brain (Tiago Forte Style, but without the PARA method, that didn't work for me).

If any of these reasons resonate with you, I'll follow up this video with an in-depth exploration of how I set everything up in Notion, how I capture, process and connect my notes.

These are things from books, Tweets, articles, courses or even things people say that resonate with me and I feel are going to be valuable in the future.

This has honestly been such a lifechanging thing for me. I feel so safe in knowing I have endless amounts of information out there for myself, that I've seen, understood, processed. Any project I start is almost always half-baked already, and I have eliminated the Blank Page, which absolutely usually kills me.

This video is targeted more at professionals than students! Although if you're super-keen, the sooner you can set something like this up, the better, I have found this is much more valuable for my professional/personal life than educational life!


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